First, thank you for the continued support, Rhythm in Gold is going strong!

I have tried to install a translation tool on the menu but I have had no luck with getting it to work. I know a large portion of visitors are from non-English countries–if you are one of them I hope you can read this: I’m sorry.

I have uploaded several miscellaneous Jethro Tull pictures and uploaded them to the blog in the format of a gallery. You can click the “Photo Gallery” link above the header, or you can just click here đŸ™‚ I plan to be adding more to the gallery as time goes by.

I’ve also added more links to the links section, if you have Jethro Tull related content and would like me to link to it and/or post it, please leave me a comment to Let you know.

Cup of Wonder is a classic Jethro Tull website, Heavy with solid content. There the meanings of Jethro Tull songs and lyrics are studied and theorized by veteran fans of the band, very extensive, well designed–it is a great place to be for a Tull fan.

Tull Press is another classic Tull site which contains articles and pictures of Jethro Tull which have been published throughout the years. Tons of interesting gems to be found on this website from nearly all of Tull’s eras.

I have added a link to Remy’s (Jethro Tull Board username Tull50) youtube channel. Remy provides Rhythm in Gold readers with many full Tull concerts video uploads, so it makes sense to connect the fans directly to the source. His channel is not exclusively Jethro Tull, but you won’t miss them.

I have little new content to post as of the moment but I will deliver when the moment is more opportune.

Best wishes


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