Tull Live Gallery: Carsten Bergmann

Everyone, we have a real treat tonight, something I think all Jethro Tull fans–old and new–will appreciate.

But first I just want to say within the past two days we’ve been getting tons of visitors, it’s amazing. I don’t know where you guys are coming from–Wordpress statistics only account for around 20% of the visitors Rhythm in Gold has been getting, so thanks so much for the support and spreading the word. People from all over the world are visiting this blog, and I think it’s great. Considering I have used little to no marketing techniques such as advertising, social media, spamming, etc. This really shows how the online Jethro Tull community is alive and thriving. So thank you! I promise to continue with this blog, because apparently you all like it.

Enough of that! Onto the feature of this post. A fellow who goes by the name of 10cars (real name Carsten Bergmann) has given me permission to post selections from his Live Tull photographs, and they’re pretty amazing. You can click on the smaller ones to see them full-size:

Watching Me Watching You

All photos © Carsten Bergmann. Thanks Carsten!


One response to “Tull Live Gallery: Carsten Bergmann

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