Various Jethro Tull Pictures

Hey everyone, first I want to say thank you for all of your visits and support. Please tell your friends about this blog, since there are undoubtedly interesting things to be found on here for Tull fans, new or old.

So instead of working hard to create a good, text heavy post for everyone, I will feature some of the great Tull pictures I’ve found from various sources on the Internet.

Note: I do not know the credits for any of these photos, This website is purely for Jethro Tull hobbyists–I am making no money whatsoever from this website.

Tull from the “Minstrel in the Gallery” era. 1975

Ian Anderson not unlike a scarecrow–1982 perhaps? Great picture.

Ian Anderson and Martin Barre, most probably from the 1979 “Stormwatch” tour.

Great picture of Ian Anderson in 1982, posted by Jim (jtull07) over at the legendary “The Jethro Tull Board”

Jethro Tull in the early 1980s, featuring what some people say is their most creative lineup.

That’s all for now, please comment if you like any of these photos!!!


One response to “Various Jethro Tull Pictures

  1. Such nice pictures !! A lot of good memories from that times ….
    My nickname in the J.T Board is ” Chea ” from Italy.
    I enjoy much your blog. My compliments.

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