Tull Pic of the Week – Part 3

It seems that I have neglected to post up the picture of the week for this last week. No worries, I am here to resolve this.

Before I get to that, I would first like to announce that yesterday (August 10th) was Ian Anderson’s birthday! The minstrel is now at the ripe age of 65, and is still touring like a maniac! Congratulations Ian, thanks for all you’ve done for us fans.

There really is no place you can wish Ian a happy birthday directly (I would not suggest the email form on his website, he is probably drowning in birthday emails already, but there is a thread over at The Jethro Tull Board, and who knows–he may take a look!

Okay, on to the picture of the week:

“You balance the world on the tip of your nose like a sea lion with ball at the carnival.” Song: Sealion Album: Warchild

So thanks to Tull fans from all around the world, we’ve gotten 450 unique hits on this blog since we started almost a month ago! Not bad!

If anyone wants to submit a picture they think would be great for the Tull Pic of the Week series, please head over to the Contact section of the website and send it to me. For that matter, if there is anything else you want to send me, go right ahead.

Talk to you soon!


2 responses to “Tull Pic of the Week – Part 3

  1. Ian Anderson and Martin Barre, most probably from the 1979 “Stormwatch” tour.

  2. Ian with the Balloon is the Rock Island Tour in 89 at the end of the show, the band would’ve been playing an instrumental “Black Sunday” They only did Sealion once in 75 in which Ian first “balanced his world on the tip of his nose” with the balloons. Cheers

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