Crest of a Knave Demos

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t updated the blog for a while, but school is keeping me busy, the semester ends in a few days! So this post is going to be rather simple. I do have something great to share with you guys though…

I featured John’s youtube channel TullTapes in a post I made not too long ago, and you can find the link to his channel (which I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already) under “Links” on the menu bar of this site, along with a bunch of other great Tull links, more of which I will be adding soon..

Anyway, the video featured in this post is indeed made available to us by TullTapes, and it features some incredible demos from the Crest of a Knave album. The audio is a little shaky, but there is something quite romantic about this audio clip (which is over 20 minutes long). There no vocals, so this really showcases how great the mid-1980’s incarnation of the band is, both in skillful playing and in the melody. If you’re a fan of Crest of a Knave era Tull or if you’ve never heard the album before, check this out..

I believe all of the keyboard parts (which are prominent throughout) are played by Ian Anderson himself, which is a rarity except on this album. The recording is a melody/jam featuring Dogs in the Midwinter, Budapest, and Mountain Men in various bits and pieces. Not sure who’s on drums here…

Anyway, if you liked it be sure and subscribe to TullTapes videos on YouTube. He’s still coming up with great stuff! And if you want to have some good Tull comrades to chat with, join The Jethro Tull Board– both links can be found on the menu.

Edit: John (TullTapes) pointed out to me in the comments that credit should be given to Pat (Quizzes Kid), a friend over at The Jethro Tull Board, for making this audio available. Thanks, Pat and John.

I’ll see you all later!


One response to “Crest of a Knave Demos

  1. Credit should definatly be given to Pat “quizz kid” from the Tull board for first making these available. I just made a slideshow for them. These demos are indeed great and the quality gets better as it goes along.

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