Tull Pic of the Week – Part 2

And fine addition to the “Tull Pic of the Week” series this time, two legendary rock frontmen, one last name.

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and Jon Anderson of Yes

For those of you who may not (but probably do) know, Jon Anderson was the lead singer of the famous English rock band Yes for the majority of the band’s career. Recently, Yes has toured and recorded with other vocalists (and all the while still being a great band) since 2008, and Jon has been touring with an acoustic guitar (probably a big relief from worrying about the tons and tons of equipment Yes must’ve had) and his voice, playing intimate solo concerts, and has done well for it.

Both Jethro Tull and Yes were considered by many to be “Progressive rock” in the 1970s, and Yes more deservedly so–being one of the original “Progressive bands.” Despite being tied to this odd genre, they experienced satisfying, dare I say outstanding, success in the 1970s and a small Window of extreme popularity in the 1980s. Not unlike Jethro Tull.

Their music was complex, fantastical, cosmic, and rocking. A wonderful pairing of two exceptional musicians from two decorated Rock acts.


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