A Glimpse Back to ’82

Here is a treat for those who are fans of The Broadsword and The Beast, an album largely ignored due to its folk sympathies presented alongside the infamous 1980s synthesizers. A combination that should have ended up broken down on the side of the road, but instead it skillfully maneuvered itself to the nearest gas station for a fine tuning, and consequently, a smooth ride.

While there is officially released footage of this tour on the wonderful DVD Jack in the Green: Live in Germany (which is being sold currently at very reasonable prices) only two songs from the album are presented here (Fallen on Hard Times, Pussy Willow) though they are lovely songs indeed.

For those of you craving Norse-themed Tull at its finest, here is a video of an ever-skillfully executed “The Clasp” and the ominous “Broadsword” basking in grainy lo-fi goodness:

The video was mercifully provided to us by Ben Rossington, a youtuber I mentioned in an earlier post.

To those of you who are not familiar with the Broadsword and the Beast, do seek it out, and make sure to get the CD remaster containing the celebrated “bonus tracks”.

Good Night!


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