More Great Tull Bootlegs

In my last post I featured a great archive of Tull bootlegs, but I have been neglectful in forgetting another wonderful Jethro Tull blog that I have been visiting and downloading from for a couple of years now. This of course is the Aqualung/My God Jethro Tull Tribute Blog which is run by Juan Marcos.

Juan has been serving the Jethro Tull community for years now providing a place for people to share and download (for free!) Tull bootlegs. The website is very intimate and you can tell it is run by a die hard Tull fan.

There are tons of full length bootlegs, and even after four years (give or take) the website is still regularly updated with new content.

So all of you Tull fans who are hungry for hearing your favorite band live, please head on over to this blog and check out some of the shows! You will not regret it.



One response to “More Great Tull Bootlegs

  1. Gracias amigo. JUAN MARCOS VELARDO

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