Great Tull YouTube Channels – Part 1

While browsing Jethro Tull videos on YouTube its easy to see that there is a very dedicated Tull fanbase out there. Some youtube channels give you the cream of the crop when it comes to rare and fascinating Tull clips. Here are a few:

Kanal von TullTapes – TullTapes has done a great service to Tull fans by building a library of old 8mm footage of Tull concerts, and meticulously syncing them up to audio from bootlegs of the same concert. While he has done this with concerts than span Tull’s early days, the most valuable are the ones from 1971-1975 since there is no known professionally shot footage from these years, giving us a rare glimpse in what many people consider to be Tull’s heyday.

Tulleti Projects – Another great library of 8mm syncs, promotional videos, interviews, etc. You could spend all day browsing this channel. One of my favorites.

More to come soon!


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